“The loveliest place we have ever or will ever stay”

GWizo – Brooklin Massachusetts. August 2013

“the loveliest place we have ever or will ever stay and we did not want to leave. Ever. If there is a heaven it will look, taste and feel like Villa Nilaya”

We don’t really want to say too much about Villa Nilaya Bali, so we’ve decided to let our guests do the talking ….
“Everything is as described on the website and photos, but no photo can do justice to the stunning view over the sea whose gentle noises lull you to sleep at night. The staff were wonderful and we felt incredibly pampered without being overwhelmed. Everything was perfect”
Will – Amsterdam. January 2013

Villa Nilaya offers you a boutique hotel experience with dedicated staff,
chefs, an amazing menu and trained masseuses all at your service.
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“I would highly recommend this for people looking for a romantic break or a holiday with family and friends.” Becky – Brighton UK. June 2013